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    Tickets on sale now for the Spirit of Place Festival - seven Sunday afternoon soirees from June to November. We'll be looking after your health and well-being with restricted numbers so book soon via eventbrite - just £10 + booking fee, supporting the local arts and music community.


    Sunday October 3 - Spirit of Beowulf

    The link between Suffolk and Britain's oldest poem with leading authority Sam Newton. We revisit the music, poetry, projections, and art from the Beowulf Festivals 2018-2020, celebrating the Dig across the river with music from AARTWORK in the historic surroundings of the Bull Inn, Market Hill, Woodbridge

    'Beowulf and the Ghost of Sutton Hoo'

    We are delighted to invite you to a fascinating ticketed event at the BULL INN on Market Hill in Woodbridge
    Sunday October 3rd 2PM
    Our very special guest is the renowned author and scholar, Doctor Sam Newton.
    Beginning with the dream-inspired discovery of the ghost of the great ship berthed beneath Mound One at Sutton Hoo, we shall look at some of the artistic and technical wonders found aboard before turning to consider the significance of the rite of ship-funeral. Our understanding of its significance is much amplified by the Old English epic of Beowulf, the opening movement of which culminates with a splendid poetic account of a royal ship funeral. Not only does this bring to life the high-culture context of the events entailed by the bare bones of the archaeology, it also realises a simple but powerful metaphor: that life's ending is but a point of embarkation for a voyage to a heavenly haven over the horizon, out of sight of mortal shores. If time allows, we shall conclude with other examples of the nautical metaphor of mortality elsewhere in archaeology, art, and literature.

    Sunday October 3 - Spirit of Beowulf at the Bull Inn

    The link between Suffolk and Britain's oldest poem with leading authority Dr. Sam Newton. We revisit the music, poetry, projections and art from the Beowulf Festivals 2018-2020 and Sutton Hoo, with invited musical guests and artists at the historic Bull Inn, Woodbridge.

    Beowulf Revisted

    Sunday October 3rd 2-5pm - The Spirit of Beowulf returns to Woodbridge at the Bull Inn. Tickets available now. We dig up the link between Woodbridge, Sutton Hoo, and Britain's oldest poem with Dr Sam Newton, author of ‘The Origins of Beowulf’ and a Time Team historian. During the afternoon, which includes tea and cake, we also revisit the music, poetry, and art from the Beowulf Festivals of 2018-2020 #spiritofplace2021


    Sunday November 7 - Spirit of the Rose

    Woodbridge's link to the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam as told by Edward FitzGerald aficionado Charles Mugleston. A special Persian Tea & Cake is included with live music and poetry for a perfect Sunday afternoon soiree with music inspired by Old Fitz and his times. Another fascinating link to the Spirit of Woodbridge 2pm. The Bull Inn, Market Hill

    Sunday November 7 - Spirit of the Rose at the Bull Inn

    November 7 - Spirit of the Rose - Woodbridge's link to the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam and Edward FitzGerald as told by Charles Mugleston. A special Persian Tea & Cake is included with live music and poetry for a perfect Sunday afternoon soiree plus the Glass Thistles from Farlingaye School and Jan Pulsford's 'A letter from Woodbridge' providing another fascinating link to the Spirit of Woodbridge.Sunday - Edward FitzGerald & the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam - Woodbridge's link to the most famous poem with a special Persian Tea & Cake with live music and poetry for a perfect Sunday afternoon soiree with music from the Glass Thistles from Farlingaye School. Another fascinating link to the Spirit of Woodbridge.

    Spirit of Christmas

    December 5th on the river and Whisstocks Place - Sunday 11-4 - more details soon

  • Mothership Studios

    Radio Mothership is pleased to be sponsoring these events. Listen to radiomothership.com for music and podcasts from the series

    JaN PuLSFoRD

    A long time electronic Composer, Virtual Performance Artist, SongWriter and Producer. In the 80s - 90s she toured as keyboard player with the Thompson Twins and Cyndi Lauper with whom she wrote three critically acclaimed albums. After running her own production company and studio in the USA she moved back to Suffolk where she enjoys being inspired by the River Deben and the creative community. She co-produced the ‘Spirit of Beowulf Festival’ where her music and projections lit up the historic Woodbridge Tide Mill and runs Mothership Studios as a virtual eclectic music collective and community radio stream. In between digital art and admin, she continues writing and producing music for independent projects. This year she is delighted to be producing the Spirit of Place Festival.

    Sam Newton

    Author of The Origins of Beowulf and The Reckoning of King Rædwald: The Story of the King linked to the Sutton Hoo Ship-Burial. He has lectured widely around the country and has contributed much to television and radio. He is a Director of the study-centre at Sutton Hoo in Suffolk and a Time Team historian.



    SeaFolk Arts provided the stage for the two Beowulf Festivals on Marie moored at the TideMill. We are so happy to have Aartwork playing their unique mix of Psychedelic Folk Fusion music at the Bull Inn for 'Beowulf Revisited'


    Aartwork 3rd October

    Aartwork are a psychedelic celtic folk fusion group playing original songs inspired by the Suffolk coast and their adventures with a boat stage. With a new post-lockdown line-up, Aartwork have added to their electronic effects and beats to evolve their unique style. They opened the Spirit of Place Festival on 27th June 2021


    EllY Tree - 27th June

    “Quirky, intelligent and irresistable folk songs, performed with a driving ukelele and a voice that seems to summon up the gods.” “Sublime bass playing, beautiful songs, lovely singing, fab uke playing ..This is wierdly wonky punk folk.”

    EllY Tree are Helen Woodbridge: singer/songwriter/baritone ukulele and banjo; Andy Heasman: bass guitar/backing vocals/keyboards (and sometimes Merlyn)

    Claudia Myatt

    Art and music, sailing around the world and life on the river. Claudia will be showing and chatting about her artwork and playing harp too - 'meet the artist' on June 27th & July 4th


    Peter Hepworth

    performing a unique and colourful collection

    of daydream excursions, spontaneous adventures, reflections of river life and the unsung encounters of an authentic troubadour existence.


    Julia Jones

    'Then momentum slowed; the sails sagged; the bereaved vessel continued floating up the pretty river as though she were a log [...] Skye went below and sat with Great Aunt Ellen as her body stiffened and her boat drifted onwards into the evening light.'
    This is from Ghosting Home. It's a piece of fiction but its truth comes from all those golden evenings that I've taken the last of the tide up river in Peter Duck and that final puff of wind has died away. If it were not for the river I would not exist. For this event I will choose and read some of the moments when it has found its way into my stories.
    Julia Jones

    Petra Garrard & Mark Jolley

    Petra is a singer songwriter and has been performing her sensitive, original songs to audiences in East Anglia for over a decade. As a duo Mark plays violin, guitar/bass, Petra plays guitar and main vocals, singing songs of life, love and everything in between.

    Stephen William Hodd

    Stephen William Hodd is an artist with intense commitment to fearlessly mining the tunnels of the self using musical connection as the tool for revelation through the gritted restraint of a wide ranging voice, all deftly guided by a fingerpicking dexterity, loops and sonic explosions! He releases music on his own label Savage Acoustic Records in order to maintain his fiercely guarded desire for independent creative freedom.

    girl in a gale

    'My musical approach is like a photographer going out for the 7am golden hour: clouds with early sun filtering through, momentarily giving extraordinary colours to the trees and river. In my music I seek fleeting moments of harmony and rhythm: composing, conducting, performing, mixing and recording at the same time, as a solo artist.'

    - girl in a gale

    Tom Rogerson

    We are so looking forward to Tom's piano playing at the Spirit of Place Festival - A Sunday celebration of all things ambient.

    Tom Rogerson is a pianist and composer from Suffolk, and founder of experimental rock band Three Trapped Tigers. His most recent album, Finding Shore, in collaboration with Brian Eno, was released in 2018, and his debut solo album will be released later in 2021.

    Nick Nicholson

    The Mothership Collective will be featuring artists from the popular Radio Mothership Eclectic Sunday series including

    Nick Nicholson from the progressive house pioneers Doi-oing ‘The least commercial name ever, though John Peel liked it 😂😂” Nick will be playing a combination of electronica with guitar and vocals, showcasing new material with influences ranging from folk through gothic psychedelia and progressive dance. He is also an amazing painter . . .

    Martin Newell 8th August 2021

    Martin Newell

    Martin Newell is an English singer-songwriter, poet, columnist and author who leads the Cleaners from Venus, a guitar pop band with jangly, upbeat arrangements. He is regarded as a significant figure in the history of cassette culture and DIY music.


    Oliver Catford

    Oliver Catford is a skilled, local, close-up magician who has been practicing and performing magic for the last 10 years. An exciting 20 minutes of magic in store on Sunday afternoon!

    Polly Haynes

    Jazz-esc inspired songstress, with themes of political and social justice, love and loss and everything in-between. Thought provoking songs -

    Misery Gutz

    Misery Gutz (or Charlie Law as his Mum still calls him), is a singer-songwriter from Suffolk who sings songs that he’d like to listen to when he’s in a bad mood. He writes music inspired by alt-rock influences from across the pond like Wilco and Phoebe Bridgers whilst drawing influence from British 60s/70s folk acts like Nick Drake and John Martyn.


    Phil Jackson

    Singer / Songwriter extraordinaire and Rutles Keyboardist. Phil has written and produced songs since the age of 12, experimenting in different genres whilst writing in streams of consciousness. Phil is also a video artist and a published author, with his tales of touring, in 'Socks On (Life As A Rutle)' Phil also makes radio shows for Radio Mothership.



    Oktoba is the project of Brighton based alt folk singer songwriter, Chris Athorne. Captivating, emotive and honest can be the words to describe his music and story telling. His songs 'Chance' and ‘It must be love’ were recently used on the soundtrack of Love Island and have had over 2 million Spotify plays.


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    The venue for the first five events has been changed to the Angel, Theatre St.Woodbridge with the last two at the Bull Inn on Market Hill, Woodbridge.

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